High Limit Disability Coverage
for Physicians

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We got you covered. A doctor’s ability to earn a sizable income is predicted on the ability to see patients, perform surgery, and further their education. Traditional benefits often fall short when addressing the income replacement needs of high earning physicians and surgeons.

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Prestige Planning provides supplemental high limit disability coverage for medical professionals who have obtained the maximum disability coverage available from US carriers and require additional coverage to adequately protect their future earnings.

Here is what you should know:

Medical Malpractice – You should coordinate your medical malpractice coverage with your overall financial planning.

Disability Insurance – More coverage is available than you may think. 

Excess Liability – Not all umbrella insurance covers your every need. 

Here are a few of examples of how this could affect you:

A surgeon earning $900,000 per year obtained $20,000 per month of disability coverage through traditional outlets. The firm underwrote an additional $25,000 per month followed by a lump sum of $900,000 to facilitate appropriate coverage in the event of a disability.
Six radiology partners required a disability policy to fund their buy/sell agreement. The firm bound a practice owned Buy-Out Disability police adequately insuring each partner’s exposure to the practice for an aggregate of $8.75 million total coverage.

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