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Understanding UHNW Clients’ Insurance Priorities

Financial advisors understandably seek value for their clients. They may feel an ethical and professional obligation to seek the lowest-priced insurance or heavily weigh price-for-value when they evaluate insurance options.This prioritization of cost, however, runs...

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When Trusts and LLCs Hold Assets: The Hidden Risks

"Insurance premium payments are one of the areas where clients often think it is harmless to pay the premium directly even if there is a trust or entity involved. If there is a lease agreement in place for use of the home or vehicle, direct payments may be proper....

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Flexible Estate Planning Using SLATS and Premium Financing

What flexibility can a premium financed life insurance inside a SLAT create? We will discuss the potential role of Premium Financed Life Insurance in a Use it or Lose it SLAT. Purchasing an accumulation-oriented life insurance policy (maximum premium/minimum death...

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