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to Planning for Doctors

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Our customizable Prestige Retirement Plan allows us to help doctors maximize tax deductible contributions greater than traditional options.

Here’s how it works:

  1. This plan removes the lump sum option because when you have a lump sum distribution option in a defined benefit plan, the IRS restricts how you value the benefit.
  2. It changes the form of benefit from a single life basis to a joint life basis allowing us to fund for a benefit payable to both the business owner and their spouse.
  3. The plan adds a large insured death benefit which greatly increases the range of deductible contributions and fully funds the pension for the surviving spouse.

How a Prestige Retirement Plan Can Impact You!

  • Maximizes the magnitude of plan contributions
  • Higher pre-tax contributions
  • Greater tax deferral plan
  • Lifetime income for participant and spouse providing a monthly income stream to retire rather than a lump sum payout
  • 100% survivor annuity to spouse
  • Assets can potentially fund the retirement benefits of the next generation of employees
  • The insured death benefit net of cash value is tax-free and premiums are payable pre-tax