Advanced Life Insurance Planning

You’ve worked hard for your success, so protect what’s most valuable. You deserve an insurance partner that understands your lifestyle and aims to protect your family’s assets. We provide advanced planning strategies for each of our clients and their unique insurance needs. When life insurance is designed as an asset and not just an expense it can be a powerful flexible financial tool. We have redefined the client experience to give you the comprehensive and specialized service you deserve.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning, above all other areas, requires a forward-thinking approach. We work with you and your CPA to guide you throughout the year and maximize your ability to benefit from the tax code that applies to your financial needs. Cash-flow forecasting and planning, forward-thinking tax solutions, advanced strategies and designs are available when you plan ahead and have the time to evaluate your personal situation. Trust us, your CPA will thank you in advance.
Note: We are not CPAs and are not giving tax advice. However, we are giving tax planning advice and we do NOT need to be a CPA to do so. Through our full-service experience, we do have CPAs on call for relevant tax advice and services.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning, like Income Tax Planning, should be forward-thinking. We have advanced strategies that fit your needs and keep your capital working in growth assets. We also excel at buying assets low and selling them at an incredible profit. Our estate planning strategies are designed to pay as little out of pocket as possible to cover estate taxes. We can zero out your estate taxes at the expense of your family and your favorite church or charity will thank you. Estate Tax Planning mitigates your extra funds from slipping away from the things you believe in.

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